Here Is A Video Of Jack White’s Liquid-Filled 12″ From Record Store Day

04/24/2012 10:38 AM |

It seems that liquid-filled products tend to go over really well or really poorly. Waterbeds: fun for five seconds, then mostly a terrible idea. Fruit Gushers: genius. Jack White’s liquid-filled 12″ release of “Sixteen Saltines” for Record Store Day? Well, it appears to work on the turntable, makes squishy-squelchy plopping noises when turned upside down, and the powers of centripetal force shape the liquid into a blue ring around the center of the vinyl when spinning. Last month, representatives from the Third Man Records camp down in Nashville held up the record for all of Youtube to see, but we much prefer this video of a couple taking their “Sixteen Saltines” Record Store Day release home and fawning over it like a brand new, slightly eccentric baby. Check it out after the jump.