Hot Buzz: There Are Only Two Weeks Left To Fund The Brooklyn Grange Apiary Project

04/04/2012 3:24 PM |


Excuse the blatant plugging, but this deal looks too sweet (har har) to pass up: The Brooklyn Grange is in the midst of funding its beekeeping program, which promises to develop the largest apiary in New York City. In addition to a set of 25 hives that will produce 1,000 pounds of honey and a special, New York queen bee breeding program, the Grange will also run urban beekeeping apprenticeships to turn enthusiasts into bee mentors. This is the Grange’s second Kickstarter campaign after the first successfully established their six-acre rooftop farm in 2010, and there’s just two weeks left to fund the apiary project’s $20,000 goal.

The Grange has offered up some dope deals for their backers. For $10, donors can have a bee marked with bee-safe paint (who knew?) and named after them. Queen bees are more expensive—as a part of the $1,000 “liquid gold” package, backers can attach their names to hive royalty. Donations in between yield a slew of goodies, from tours to tote bags, jars of honey to beekeeping workshops.

At the time this post is being written, the Grange is 31 percent of the way there. For more details on the project, check out the Grange’s Kickstarter video below.

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