Lockett Opens Up: An Interview with Lotus Plaza

04/04/2012 10:40 AM |


For a rock star, Lockett Pundt is pretty shy. While that would likely be said about anyone famous for standing next to his gregarious Deerhunter bandmate Bradford Cox, Pundt’s presence has always been notably withdrawn. He looks lost in thought even while summoning an enveloping guitar noise. That conspicuous internal quality is the main reason that Spooky Action at a Distance is such a surprise. The new record from Pundt’s solo project Lotus Plaza isn’t so far off from what he’s done previously. But its openness, its shunning of obscuring elements, feels like a big step forward (even if it stops a few stops short of being truly confessional). The refinement has paid off, earning the album glowing critical notices on its release earlier this week.

Prepping for a spring tour and a fall wedding, Pundt took time out to participate in an e-mail Q & A. In addition to his newest songs, we discussed love, fear, astrophysics, Roxy Music, and other important mysteries.