Mogwai Scores Film About Man Who Rows A Boat Made of New York City Trash

04/17/2012 4:11 PM |

Bowthorpe in a boat he built from Londons waste.

  • Bowthorpe in a boat he built from London’s waste.

It’s the performance art documentary of the year, and it hasn’t even been filmed yet. Prefix reports that director Antony Crook will be filming cyclist James Bowthorpe as he builds a boat made of New York City trash and rows it down the Hudson River from its source. The piece has also attracted some stellar musical talent—Scottish post-rock demigods Mogwai have agreed to compose the score.

Crook, who studied photography in Edinburgh and has worked with Mogwai previously on a number of photo projects and music videos, announced on the Hudson River Project‘s website that the band will release the soundtrack as an album in 2013.

“When I told them about Hudson River Project they immediately wanted to be involved,” Crook wrote on the Hudson River Project site. “They’ll release the soundtrack sometime [after early 2013] and they’ll hopefully be performing it live to screenings of the film.”

Crook and Bowthorpe plan on shooting the film in September of 2012 and are currently raising funds via Kickstarter. The process of scavenging for the materials in city dumpsters, building, then towing the boat up the Adirondack mountains by bicycle will take approximately three weeks. Rowing the boat back down the Hudson—which will feature grade 4 white water rapids near the source—will take another five.

Mark Twain would be proud.