Now Let’s Talk About the New M.I.A. Song, (Also Those Awesome Dancers)

04/30/2012 10:40 AM |

I continue to be bothered by almost every single thing M.I.A. does, from her childish and relatively toothless middle-finger flashing at the super bowl (and the fact that she performed at the super bowl at all, really, let alone as cheerleader on one of the more hilariously terrible Madonna songs ever) to her continued insistence on writing like a not particularly smart 13-year-old any time she gets anywhere near the internet. But to be fair, I’m seriously feeling the teaser clip she posted online via Twitter yesterday. The track’s called Come Walk With Me” and it sounds like a half-dozen potentially huge mainstream pop hits pasted together and then fucked with in pretty much the same way she’s fucked with everything she’s ever touched. Her success here comes from the strength of the material she’s fucking with. And now everyone should go back and play the video again, this time paying special attention to the dancers. Someone get those kids on Ellen already.

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