Park Slope Parents Want to Ban Ice Cream

04/04/2012 12:24 PM |


When a Park Slope parent named Sarah took her four-year-old son to a Prospect Park playground recently, their day was soon ruined. “Two different people came into the actual playground with ice cream/Italian ice push carts,” she posted to the Park Slope Parents message board. “I was able to avoid it for a little while but eventually I left with a crying 4-year-old.”

This neighborhood-wide problem has led to some parents calling for a ban on ice cream sales within the confines of the park, the Post reports.

Wrote one parent, possibly seriously:

“I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living!… I too was at the 9th Street Playground on Monday, and one of the vendors just handed my 4-year-old an ice cream cone. I was furious.”

Reasonable people agree that parents should just learn to say no to their children, and that the denial of pleasures is an important formative experience. In a poll at the Park Slope Patch, 84 percent of respondents said parents have a responsibility to say no to their kids; another 9 percent thought ice-cream vendors are just trying to make an honest living.

Other parents point to out-of-control obesity and diabetes rates among children. Like, when Fatty McBadparent buys his kid a King Cone, how do I explain to mine that he or she can’t also have one because this family doesn’t believe in poisoning our children?

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