Prime Meats To Offer Ultimate Titanic Fetishist’s Fantasy

04/10/2012 8:58 AM |

Hey, you gonna eat that?

  • “Hey, you gonna eat that?”

Interest in the sinking of the Titanic hasn’t been this feverish since the first time since Kate Winslet wiped her hand down a steamed up car window for movie theater audiences nationwide. The shipwreck will reach its 100th anniversary this April 17, and as a special treat, Carroll Garden’s Prime Meats is offering a a replica of the Titanic’s first class menu two days ahead of time.

It seems like kind of a morbid last supper theme, but a rich one from the looks of it. For $115, the Titanic enthusiast in black tie attire will be treated to a full 10 courses featuring items like oysters, filet mignon, lamb, foie gras and pickled quail eggs. The meal is then topped off with a mysterious, expensive-sounding “Waldorf” pudding, but from a cursory glance at internet recipes, it appears that it’s actually just pudding.

And cheapskates, fear not. Those unwilling to shell out the $115 can still enjoy a simulated Titanic meal at home. To replicate the experience of passengers in steerage, just heat up some instant oatmeal, grab some string cheese and stale granola bars, and voil√†, you’ve got the third class supper fare of gruel, cheese and “cabin biscuits.” (To be fair, third class passengers did get hearty mid-day meals and breakfasts, but nothing like what was served to first class.)

Anyway, back to the fun, extravagant eats of the ship’s elite. To check out Prime Meats’ full Titanic menu, click here.

[via Eater NY]