Prospect Park West Bike Lane to Get Pedestrian Islands

04/17/2012 11:37 AM |


The department of transportation will install 14 pedestrian islands at nine intersections along the Prospect Park West bike lane, Park Slope Patch reports. The raised strips of pavement, which will be placed in the parking lane, are intended to make crossing the roadway safer. “It will be a safe space to stand on and see on-coming traffic,” the district manager of the local community board told the website. Currently, cars often pull over into the pedestrian roadways, and being level with the street can make it difficult for pedestrians to see over parked cars whether bicycles or cars are coming.

The community board takes the aesthetics of the new islands very seriously: they went so far as to secure funds and materials to make the curbs out of granite, so they match the rest of the street.

Bike lane opponents insist that the installation of the islands will give them the chance to refile their dismissed lawsuit, the Brooklyn Paper reports, though their logic seems strained.

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