Refused Played a Secret Show in Bushwick Last Night

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04/24/2012 9:46 AM |


Only hours after presumably kicking ass at the spacious Terminal 5, recently reunited Swedish hardcore punk legends Refused played the slightly smaller DIY space The Acheron in Bushwick. As in, can’t fit more than roughly 120 people, and now I hate myself for not being on Twitter and hearing about it.

Piecing together tweets from throughout and after the show, I can firmly say that the show was: “#amazing.” Another relevant Twitter update: “Skipping the ‘secret’ refused show at Acheron to go to sleep.” Good stuff there. According to, Refused’s set began with a cover of Earth Crisis’ “Firestorm,” followed by much of 1998 classic The Shape of Punk to Come, with “Rather Be Dead” and “Coup D’√Čtat,” both from 1996’s Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent, making appearances, too.

And now I hate myself even more. Here are some pictures, via Twitter:

(Courtesy of @frankinjection)

  • (Courtesy of @frankinjection)

(Courtesy of @chaile27)

  • (Courtesy of @chaile27)

(Courtesy of @coolrnchdoritos)

  • (Courtesy of @coolrnchdoritos)