Riding a Bike Might Be Dangerous for Women

04/03/2012 11:08 AM |

Smile now, experience genital numbness later.

  • Smile now, experience genital numbness later.

And not just because you will inevitably, someday, get squished by a bus. A new study has found that bike seats, which have been shown to cause boner problems in men, might have similar issues for the ladies.

A study by Yale researchers in 2006 found that female cyclists had less genital sensation compared with a control group of female runners.

Noooo! You need sensation in your genitals! That is what they are for! Fortunately, it seems like adjusting your handlebar positioning might help to fix the issue:

The researchers found that the lower the handlebars in relation to the saddle, the more a woman has to lean forward, forcing her to put a greater percentage of her body weight on the perineum. This problem is particularly likely to occur when a rider leans forward, flattens her back and puts her hands on the “drop bars” of a road or track bicycle for a more aerodynamic position.

“We’re basically showing that there may be modifiable risk factors associated with female riders,” said Dr. Marsha K. Guess, an author of the study and an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine. “This better positions us to educate riders on safe riding practices that may actually be beneficial to reduction of pressure and lost sensation in the pelvic floor.”

Or you could just quit biking and start doing yoga, which is apparently one giant fuckfest, if you’re taking your fitness advice from the Times.