Rough Trade Is Setting Up Shop In Williamsburg

04/11/2012 12:29 PM |

Ours is going to be bigger.
  • Laura Snapes/The Guardian
  • Ours is going to be bigger.

And it’s no small affair. The British record store that started the legendary label announced today that it will be opening a veritable “saturnalia for music lovers of all ages” in the fall that’s even bigger than the UK’s Rough Trade East, which in 2007 became the largest record store in all of Europe. The Williamsburg location will also serve as a venue—Rough Trade NYC is partnering with the Bowery Presents to book live in-store shows.

Rough Trade began as a West London record store in 1976, and quickly rolled out a separate label two years later, riding on the tidal wave of post punk. At one point or another, The Raincoats, The Fall, Pere Ubu, The Smiths, The Sundays, Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star, The Strokes, Low, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Jarvis Cocker and The Hold Steady have all called the Rough Trade label home.

The opening will coincide with the reboot of Rough Trade’s U.S. online store, and the Williamsburg location will seek to “pay particular attention to its transatlantic dynamic by linking-up with Rough Trade’s London stores, encouraging customers (and artists) in each country to interact across the ocean.” Not quite sure what that means—maybe live cameras showing customers browsing the shelves at the London stores displayed in the Williamsburg store and vice versa? A pen pal program?

Please let there be British pen pals. Rough Trade has yet to announce where, specifically, the shop will be located, but promises “further exciting details” in the coming months.

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