Section of South Slope Street Spontaneously Collapses

04/16/2012 2:49 PM |

From Brownstoner. More photos here.

  • From Brownstoner. More photos here.

A chunk of street collapsed in the South Slope last weekend, leaving a gaping rectangular hole, Brownstoner reports. It happened on 18th Street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. A construction crew quickly repaired the street, so that by Sunday you’d never have known that a 14-foot-deep chasm had spontaneously appeared—the result of a cracked sewer pipe, workers on the scene said. In the future, the whole street might need to be dug up and the sewer system replaced, they added. Con Ed and DEP representatives were spotted on the scene.

So, this is like the famous Bay Ridge Sinkhole of 2006? Or is a Hellmouth opening in Green-Wood Heights? Will Buffy be able to save us if her twin sister Siobhan is trying to kill her? (Seriously are you guys watching Ringer? It’s so trashy and good!! The season finale is tonight!!)

Up the block, residents on 18th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues are upset that an express bus has been rerouted to pass down their block, which they say is too narrow—and too close to schools!—”for a city bus to pass through safely, dozens of times a day,” the Home Reporter reports.

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