Sixpoint Summer: The Apollo Wheat Ale Arrives in Cans This Week

04/30/2012 1:11 PM |


For those of you who’ve spent any amount of time at all lamenting the degree to which so many of America’s craft brewers seem to have bought into the notion that extreme hoppiness is the one true path to beer world excellence—or, more cynically, the one true path to message board buzz—Sixpoint’s newest canned offering might be just what you’re looking for.

Apollo is a wheat beer that’s brewed with a traditional strain of Bavarian yeast and a decidedly light touch of understated German hops. It clocks in with just 11 IBUs (that’s International Bittering Units), a far cry from the heavily hopped Imperial IPAs that have routinely surpassed 100 IBUs in recent years.

As you start to hear people talking about this beer, you’ll notice that almost everyone will say it’s perfect for the summer, and they will absolutely be right. At 5.2 ABV, it’s very much suitable for the all-day drinking sessions that are common to the season. But it ‘s also intensely flavorful: you get the pleasant initial bite of the wheat, but then a wave of citrus and, even more so, banana takes hold, with enough carbonation present to keep it lively on the palate.

Click here to watch a video about the beer, filmed while Sixpoint founder Shane Welch was in Bavaria, Germany, on a research trip. And here’s a list of the places you can already find Apollo.

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