This Is What New York Will Look Like After The Zombie Apocalypse

04/03/2012 3:59 PM |


  • Lucie & Simon

British horror film 28 Days Later proved that a zombie movie’s most devastating images don’t necessarily have to feature brains or gore. One of the most unsettling moments in the film hovered over a series of steady, wide shots of deserted London centers, post-zombie (or in this case, “rage” virus) apocalypse. According to IMDB legend, director Danny Boyle only had a few minutes to capture deserted roads, Piccadilly Circus and Westminster Bridge on early weekday mornings, using attractive women to kindly ward off trespassers. Two artists, however, have recreated images of the deserted city without having to use attractive lady ploys. Lucie and Simon’s “Silent World” was created with a neutral density filter to eliminate humanity from its images of cities—and the result is terrifying.

According to Atlantic Cities, neutral density filters are normally used by NASA for analyzing stars. Over long exposures, the photographer can use the filter to remove moving objects. This process created the image of an empty Madison Square Garden, save for one, ominous-looking woman in a red coat, as well as a deserted Queensboro Bridge and Times Square. You can check out the full gallery of images here, as well as a chilling seven-minute film accompanied by the music of Philip Glass and Daft Punk.

[via Atlantic Cities]

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