This Is Your Brain on Dance

04/04/2012 1:32 PM |

The choreographic cartography of synaptic reach.

  • The choreographic cartography of synaptic reach.

Witness Norte Maar’s multi-media mapping of the mind and it’s variably perceptive trappings in The Brodmann Areas: a new collaborative ballet, slated for April 12-15 at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn.

The spectacle promises a lot. It will likely deliver a lot. Norte Maar’s polyphonic choreographic endeavors tend to delight and impress, if the success of last year’s spring-flung show, In the Use of Others for the Change, is any index.

Norte Maar describes the choreographic cartography of The Brodmann Areas as follows:

The Brodmann Areas is a new ballet that dives literally head first into the gaps and synapses that define the 52 areas designating the regions of the cerebral cortex of the brain. Vast and complex, these areas form a web of collaborations among different parts of the brain. At its basic level, these are the areas responsible for our interpretation of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. As science continues to map the mind and its methods of perception, this ballet ventures into decoding the impulse to action and the movement of language. Under the direction of choreographer Julia K. Gleich with Ryan Francis providing musical direction and Tamara Gonzales designing décor and costume, the collaborators knit a visual and musical map to traverse the landscape of perception and memory.

Sounds like a mindful mind-full, no?

Disclaimer by way of litotes: I am not necessarily not involved.

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