This Top 5 Coachella Moments As Chosen By Someone Stuck In New York Watching on Youtube

04/16/2012 10:39 AM |



You know, I’m glad I’m not at Coachella. I’m thrilled that instead of sitting in a tent in the desert (bug-eyed, drooling, my brains melted by an onslaught of live music and leaking out my ears), I’m relegated to watching Youtube videos in my apartment. You know why? Dehydration. Coachella is ground zero for the loss of electrolytes, but here in New York, I’m doing quite well. You can never overestimate the value of being hydrated. It almost beats seeing Jeff Mangum, St. Vincent, The Buzzcocks and Radiohead in the same weekend.

Yup. Did you know that only well-hydrated people produce tears?

Anyway, here they are: the top five Coachella moments so far (a shaved Justin Vernon! Annie Clark crowdsurfing!), gleaned from this past weekend’s Youtube offerings.