tUnE-YaRdS Launches Kickstarter For “My Country” Music Video Kids

04/11/2012 4:30 PM |


Like “Bizness,” one of tUnE-YarDs’ first videos for the album w h o k i l l, “My Country” features a ragtag team of excitable, expressive kids in face paint doing interpretive dance. Kids get even more of a chance to shine in “My Country”—screaming into microphones, playing sax on top of stacks of books and grooving their way through hip hop dance solos. But who are these awesome little goobers, and where did Garbus find them?

Much of the video’s cast came from the San Francisco Rock Project, “a nonprofit music school that offers musical education to kids through the experience of learning and performing rock music.” And with the release of the video, Garbus has also launched a Kickstarter project to fund a lending library of musical instruments to offer to students. If the Kickstarter reaches its $10,000 goal, the school will be able to purchase guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, percussion instruments, a keyboard the kids for the kids to use in their own shows.

Backers of the project are looking at some impressive goodies. For donations of $2,000 or more, supporters could receive a gen-u-ine Merrill Garbus hand-painted ukelele. That’s cool, but this is crazy: Donate $3,000 or more, and Garbus will “compose a song using lyrics of your choosing (including ones you write yourself!)” Oh, oh, and the whole thing is tax deductible. Win.

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