Wait, What? Four Years After Giving Birth, Ex-City Councilperson Marries Sperm Donor Who is Also Founder of the Guardian Angels

04/16/2012 12:22 PM |

He brought them together.

  • He brought them together.

Only in New York? This story is bananas.

Four years ago, then-City Council Member Melinda Katz was on the cover of the NY Post for announcing that she was pregnant via in-vitro fertilization—making her a single mom. Katz, who was also running for City Comptroller at the time, kept the father’s identity a secret, “I did this purely through modern technology. It was done in a doctor’s office. It was done at my wish and my desire.” Now, Katz has revealed the donor was Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa—and now the pair are getting married!

Life is strange! Follow your heart! Love conquers all! Sperm!