Watch This New Liars Video, Sleep Poorly as a Result

04/20/2012 2:05 PM |

OK, so remember last week when I said that the new Liars’ single “No. 1 Against the Rush” evoked “the pleasant ease of watching the sky change color ahead of a sunset”? Well, that’s gone forever. The video from that softly floating song, the first we’ve heard from the forthcoming WIXIW, is pitch-black, definitelypost-sunset, in a grubby industrial park where no stars could ever shine through. It features a positively delightful little murder man and his efficient, dry-cleaning related methodology in picking off his victims, including singer Angus Andrew, whose wildman stage presence and general lankiness would suggest he’d be up for a better fight. He might make it out of the video alive, but it’s not looking great. Yiiiiiiiiikes.

The sedate evil is a compelling juxtaposition for the song, though, which is more of a post-ether dream than a full-frontal assault. And the cinematography is nice. This bus ride to Creepsville is awfully well-lit.