What Cornell City Campus? NYU To Open Research Institute In Downtown Brooklyn, So There

04/23/2012 2:02 PM |

A rendering of the institutes common area.

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  • A rendering of the institute’s common area.

NYU may not technically be part of the Ivy League, but NYU still gets what NYU wants. The New York Times reports that the university is set to open an applied sciences program with a consortium of participating institutions in Downtown Brooklyn, (right around the corner from us here at The L Mag) at 370 Jay Street. Cornell University won the city competition to build an applied sciences center on Roosevelt Island, but NYU struck a deal of its own and plans to start classes with the Center for Urban Science and Progress as early as fall 2013.

The building NYU plans to renovate is currently leased by the Metropolitan Housing Authority and partially used by the NYPD, but NYU agreed to pay $50 million to move the MTA’s equipment and employees elsewhere, according to the Times. In return, the school will receive $15 million in benefits like tax breaks and energy saves from the city. Construction won’t be complete by fall 2013, but NYU will still hold classes at another location in Downtown Brooklyn.

“To get two for one out of the applied sciences proposal and to generate jobs and transform the keystone property in Downtown Brooklyn is a win-win of epic proportions,” State Senator Daniel Squadron told the Times.

Meanwhile, NYU’s Manhattan expansion plans aren’t going over as swimmingly. The NYU 2031 Greenwich Village expansion plan conflict received a new development last week results from a poll that showed 58 percent of faculty members oppose the project in its current form.

[via The New York Times]

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  • this is great news for downtown brooklyn! it was disappointing when this plan lost the nyc competition a few months ago to cornell’s roosevelt island plan, so we’re really glad nyu is going ahead with the plan anyway! this will be a great boost to the tech boom in brooklyn and will help push the movement from dumbo further into downtown brooklyn. really a coup for the neighborhood. we at http://commoncharges.com can’t wait to ride the wave!