Williamsburg Community Board Wants To Kill Outdoor Sunday Morning Brunch

04/19/2012 3:34 PM |


First they came for the bars. Now, Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s Community Board 1 is effectively declaring a war on brunch, reports the Brooklyn Paper.

Respecting the wishes of church-goers, the city has limited outdoor dining on Sunday mornings since at least 1971. Community Board 1 now wants to start enforcing this restriction, despite the fact that many in the community might prefer to celebrate the sanctity of Sunday morning with a bloody mary, or at least a gulp of Excedrin.

The group’s targets are popular Williamsburg/Greenpoint outdoor eateries.

“This would keep the sidewalks open for Sunday morning walks to church,” Community Board 1 public safety chairman Tom Burrows told the Paper. “Lokal, Enid’s, and Five Leaves consistently open their sidewalk cafe hours before noon on Sundays.”

Five Leaves has already removed two outdoor sets of benches after a chiding from the Community Board. Meanwhile, some restaurant owners and brunch-regulars are shaking their heads.

“This is bullshit, it’s not good,” Lokal owner Gino Kutluca told the Paper. “We get 60 percent of our business on Saturday and Sundays.”

[via the Brooklyn Paper]


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  • Yeah, the streets are just FILLED with church goers on Sunday morning in these neighborhoods. It’s touch forcing them to walk around all those tables full of chowhounds.

  • First of all, most New Yorkers don’t get down to brunch before noon, and secondly, even if they’re trying to “beat the rush” on a Sunday, they technically can’t have a bloody mary or a mimosa at that hour. It’s illegal to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays. I’m sure some restaurants let people get away with bending the rule a bit, but the majority aren’t openly serving bloody marys on the sidewalk at 10am. Believe me, I’ve tried.

  • As a native Greenpoint/Williamsburg resident, I say hooray for the enforcement of the law. The neighborhood is over populated with crazies who run through the streets all night long screaming, yelling and yapping on cell phones. Clearly, no regard for people who are sleeping. It’s an all night party which carries over to their Sunday brunch. They are like cockroaches who just multiply and never go away. So yes, let’s have some limits and some regard for neighborhood folk who want some peace and quiet on Sundays.