10 Music-Related Guinness World Records Jack White Could Break Instead

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05/18/2012 9:48 AM |


Jack White is not a happy guy right now. Sure, he’s wealthy and successful and everyone loves him and his first solo album is really good and he’s been on The Simpsons. BUT he’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records, so his life isn’t complete. It’s not because he hasn’t tried, though. In an interview with Buzz Aldrin (???) in Interview, the former-Stripe said:

“When we were in Newfoundland, the idea that I came up with at breakfast was, ‘Let’s play one note today’…I told Meg as we were getting out of the car. I said, ‘Make sure you grab your cymbal — when you hit the cymbal, grab it so that the note only lasts a millisecond.’ I was thinking that afterwards we could contact the Guinness World Records people and see if we could get the record for shortest concert of all time. So we did it, but ultimately they turned us down.”

The folks at Guinness have since explained why he was turned down (read about that here), but don’t worry, Jack, there’s plenty more music-related World Records you can try to break. Here are 10 of them!