Bed-Stuy Man Arrested for Starving Dog

05/10/2012 2:01 PM |


A Bed-Stuy resident was arrested earlier this week for starving his pit bull, the Bed-Stuy Patch reports. Leedell Walker, 57, had brought the dog into an ASPCA hospital in Manhattan in December, after the organization had paid him a visit, following up on complaints from neighbors that the dog was too thin. It weighed 37 pounds, and was not only emaciated but anemic; it also had intestinal blockage. Veterinary surgeons removed a towel, garbage, and plastic from the dog’s stomach, suggesting that it had begun scavenging for food and eating trash to stay alive, the Post reports.

Walker, who was also recently arrested for grand larceny, was the fifth Brooklynite arrested for animal cruelty this year, the paper reports, and the 17th in the city.

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