Best Coast Played Letterman, Really Like California

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05/17/2012 4:33 PM |


Unlike the album’s sun-tinged sound, Best Coast’s The Only Place, which came out on Tuesday, hasn’t been receiving a warm reaction from critics (our own Mike Conklin excluded). I don’t get where that’s coming from; Bethany feels like more of a presence this time around, no longer hiding behind an often impenetrable wall of reverb. In five years, she’s going to release an album that will be described as “Dusty Springfield-esque.” Can’t wait.

Anyway, last night, in support of The Only Place, she and the rest of Best Coast appeared on Late Show with David Letterman to discuss Snacks, naturally, and play the titular single. The performance falls somewhere in-between the two albums, not as clean as Only Place but not as hazy as Crazy, either. In other words: it’s exactly what Best Coast should sound like.

Check out the video below.