Bitch & Shout On a Box in Bushwick

05/07/2012 4:11 PM |


Have some venting to do? Some grand statements to make? Some complaints to vocally file? A belief system to promote? A new faith to found?

Well, you’re in luck. You just need to make it out to the Morgantown end of Jekalb’s Morgue* this coming weekend.

For Bushwick Soapbox. At Studio 10. Bring a rant and step right up.

Of course, spouting off a bit and listening to others do the same is not all you’ll be able to enjoy, for the current exhibit at Studio 10, Adam Simon: Pictures and Gestures, is very pleasing as well, although the works on display might be rather antipodal to crying out loud with grief and gripes. Simon’s paintings read quite often, and in this newest body of work in particular, like so many splendidly placating compositions locked in eternal calm, in colorful repose transposed into anonymous, contoured stillness.

So go to glimpse them, too.

In the meantime, take note of all the shitty things that happen to you this week. It’s only Monday. Something is bound to suck long before Sunday.

But if you make it that long with your composure unscathed, take into consideration some of the curious and perhaps less-than-relevant images that turn up when you do a Googlimage (may I?) search for ‘someone bitching about something.’ At least one of them is actively venting.

Many of them are troubling. Perhaps they’ll help you get your grimace on.


* Jekalb’s Morgue is among the many names one recently fabricated to refer to the broader environs of East Williamsburg / Bushwick / Ridgewood. More suggestions are here, but more than those are more than welcome. Jot ’em down and share ’em ’round from the soapbox!

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