Canadian Prudes Still WAY More Permissive Than Our Prudes

05/17/2012 11:30 AM |

Canadian sex!

  • Canadian sex!

This is what happens when you kill the penny! The Canada Science and Technology Museum, whose exhibit “Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition” is set to open today, had to make some changes to placate upset citizens. They raised the minimum age for (unaccompanied) minors to enter from 12 to 16, and removed an “animated video showing youth masturbating.”

The show includes life-sized, full-frontal nude photos of males and females at various stages of life, and Canada’s Sun newspapers have described a “climax room” showing animations of aroused genitals with a voice of a man describing an orgasm.

In the exhibit, clinical sexologist Jamy Ryan discusses anal sex: “If you’re comfortable with trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you. But if you’re not, you don’t really have to do it. It’s not an obligation.”

Moore spokesman James Maunder said it was clear the exhibit fell outside the museum’s mandate of fostering scientific and technological literacy.

“This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers,” he said.

Responding to criticism, St-Onge said: “The exhibition is designed to present information in a scientific, frank and accessible manner, an approach that the Canada Science and Technology Museum supports.” [Reuters]

Boo on them for caving to the demands of the puritans, but seriously, can you even IMAGINE how much of a freakout there would be if an American museum tried to mount (ha) this exhibition? People still get shirty around here when science museums present evolution as a fact. We’re barely allowed to teach sex ed in school. Remember the Chris Ofili kerfluffle from back in the day? There wasn’t even any masturbation in it!

Let’s all move to Canada and make animated masturbation videos.