Eternal Summers Signaling Great Change in Indie Pop?

05/02/2012 1:21 PM |


I’ve been feeling hopeful of late that the indie rock world is about to rid itself of the stifling haze that has covered it for the past, god… it’s really been years now, hasn’t it? The signs so far have been subtle (I wrote about them in the intro to this piece last week), but the release yesterday of a new track by Virginia dream-pop outfit Eternal Summers is a clear indicator that change is afoot.

The band, now a trio after starting out as a duo (there’s your first sign right there), earned ample praise for their 2010 debut, Silver. It was a likable enough album with flashes of melodic brilliance that all too often got lost beneath overdone reverb and the general sense that they were dragging their feet something awful. (In fairness, Ms. Beck liked it a lot more than I did.)

They’ve announced the follow-up to that album, Correct Behavior, out July 24th on Kanine, and lead single “Millions” is a huge step forward. The reverb is still there, but now as a tastefully employed element rather than a singularly defining characteristic. The guitar lines are clear and pleasantly varied, the drums are at the very least engaging (more than can be said for most in recent years), and the vocals proudly take center stage. Nicole Yun is a much better singer than their debut ever let on—her voice has always had a great ease about it, which is extra impressive here, given that she actually opens it up a bit. “I’ve got to shake this shell and break it into millions,” she sings. She’s well on her way. Here’s hoping she’s not alone.

Listen here:

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