Here is a Very Creative Political Butt Plug Project

05/15/2012 12:11 PM |

This is the Bachmann.

  • This is the Bachmann.

Are you shopping for a 2012 presidential race-themed butt plug collection? Allow me to suggest Grand Old Party by Matthew Epler. It’s a data visualization project that takes physical form as silicone toys for butthole pleasures:

Each shape is determined by voter approval ratings amongst registered republican voters for each of the GOP presidential candidates. The height is a measurement of time, beginning December 10, 2011 and ending on April 1, 2012 (bottom to top). The width of each object is the quantity by percentage (out of 100%) of approval for that candidate. All data comes directly from Gallup polls.

Here is a video about the project:

I find this charming! I like the petite little Bachmann, it’s so demure and Swiss, just like her.