Listen: Wayne Coyne and Marc Maron Talk About Acid Trips

05/03/2012 1:22 PM |

Dude, what did I say about not looking in the mirror?

  • Dude, what did I say about not looking in the mirror?

Marc Maron’s absurdly popular interview podcast WTF is maybe the leading example of the “comedians talking to comedians” boom that’s well on it’s way to matching “cats” and “boobs” as the only acceptable answers to the question: What is the Internet for? But as Maron’s show has grown in visibility, his guest list has steadily expanded beyond the who’s who of comedy club lifers that built its reputation. Lately, he’s been devoting almost equal time to interviewing prominent figures from the indie rock canon. The recent episode with New Wave laureate Nick Lowe was terrific. Carry Brownstein made a bit of sense, given Portlandia, but there was plenty of Sleater-Kinney talk in there. Last week’s interview with Shins’ singer James Mercer, who isn’t much of a cut-up, might be a more overt sign of a shifting focus.

Today, Maron posted an engagingly loose conversation with Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne, which naturally verges into a lengthy discussion about acid-fueled panic. What’s surprising is that, despite his position as a psychedelic rock shaman of sorts, Coyne seems pretty leery of drug-dementia as a lifestyle choice. It’s more about the imagination, man! They also talk a bit about Whitney Houston, the persistent fear of fiery plane crash death, and growing up in the 70s. But those riffs are secondary to the crucial revelation that Ke$ha’s mother did too much acid and “never came down,” a tidbit that makes the most sense, maybe.