Northside Festival Adds Jens Lekman, Olivia Tremor Control and More to 2012 Lineup

05/08/2012 2:54 PM |


Come this time of year, there’s a small group of people on The L Magazine staff who get a sort of crazy, sleep-deprived look in their eyes and start saying stuff that makes no sense at all. “Capacity is 140,” they’ll yell for no reason in the middle of the day. Or, “Just waiting on approval from the showcase presenter!” they’ll scream, like, when you ask them if they want anything from the deli downstairs. It’s strange and unsettling, but we cut them some slack, for they are deep in the throes of organizing the annual beast of an event that is the Northside Festival. And today we see the fruits of their labor, with another 100+ performers added to the music portion of the lineup.

Among them? Swedish indie-pop stalwart Jens Lekman, legendary Elephant 6-affiliated psych band Olivia Tremor Control, politically minded punks The Thermals, and many, many more. The complete list of confirmed performers is here. For more information and an early jump on the announcements that are still to come, you should follow along here. And here. Or maybe just go buy a badge for yourself and one or two of your closest friends, here.