Red Hook Heroin Family Busted

05/07/2012 1:00 PM |

A residence on the sixth floor was raided

  • A residence on the sixth floor was raided

Narcotics officers raided a home on Columbia Street last week, arresting a family of heroin dealers and seizing 139 ten-dollar bags of their product, the Carroll Gardens Patch reports. “Every heroin addict in Red Hook goes here,” a police source told the website. “We’ve been trying to get them for years.” Police also found a small amount of marijuana, which police determined was for personal use.

The morning raid was two weeks in the making, after a neighbor anonymously filed a complaint. (A similar complaint had been made in January; the police had investigated, but turned up no evidence.)

Three men were arrested—a 60-year-old father, his son, and their associate. The 67-year-old mother was also home at the time of the raid, but was not arrested. Police sources said the suspects had been arrested before, in the “2006 Takedown,” “an ambitious period of drug seizures during which more than 140 people at the Red Hook Houses were busted.”

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