“Shitty Bedford in the Wolf Mask”

05/15/2012 4:23 PM |

Call him Shitty Bedford, apparently.

  • Call him Shitty Bedford, apparently. Apparently, he designs masks.

I’m not quite sure who these folks are, but they’re called Saints of an Unnamed Country. I’m not quite sure what they do in general, but I do rather like their name. And although I’ve been familiar with the goings-on at Secret Project Robot for years, I’m not quite sure how I received a certain email from them today, for I know that I’ve never requested them.

But I am happy I got this one. Because a forthcoming show, billed very fetchingly as The Storm: An Apocalyptic Folk Operetta, by Cameron Stuart, has me rather eager to see its New York debut in early June.

Again, I don’t know enough to give many details right now, but I can share what I do know:

“[The Storm: An Apocalyptic Folk Operetta] is a story of five animals and their struggle for survival against a cataclysmic squall. The telling is unlike any folk tale—it combines poetry and cacophony, the contemporary and the ancient, the magical and the satirical and, above all else, spectacle.”

Sounds pretty good already. But there’s more, as each of the four shows (June 6th-9th) will be preceded by performance art pieces by Brooklyn-based performance artists—with different artists on the bill each night.

This, too, seemed intriguing, with reference to the costumes designed by Savannah Wyatt: “Costumes will be made from fur and black rubber, among other materials.” Below is one of her concept sketches.


You can find more information about The Storm and watch a teaser for it here (where you will also find the photographic context in which a certain Shitty Bedford dons a certain mask), and you can consult their FB page here.

Maybe do so. Maybe get tickets. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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