This Just In: ASAP Rocky Can Afford Lots of Things You Cannot, Went to Paris to Make a Music Video About It

05/03/2012 10:43 AM |

In music critic circles, it is widely thought to be in poor taste for a writer to resort to making jokes about the lyrical content of hip-hop songs, that it’s condescending and arrogant and of course at least a little bit rockist. This generally makes a good deal of sense, even to me. But there are times when the cliches pile up so high that it becomes genuinely problematic. And then there are other times, when one of those clich√©-ridden songs is given a similarly fraught video treatment, and, well, you really just can’t ignore it.

A$AP Rocky has just released a video for his new single, “Goldie.” In it, he and his pals travel to Paris, where they wear clothes provided by Alexander Wang, drive fancy cars, wear lots of gaudy jewelry, hang out with coked-up models, smoke weed, build piles of cash (euros!), and, I dunno… watch some naked woman writhing around for no apparent reason. You want to believe it’s some sort of statement about outdated tropes in hip-hop, but then you realize you can’t.

And this is to say nothing, even, of the actual lyrics, which will have you rolling your eyes even more than the visuals, if you can believe it. Lines and concepts are lifted liberally from Drake and Jay-Z, and not flipped quite enough for it to read as anything but laziness. There’s more than enough energy to go around here, but it’s sadly misdirected, and the results are hilariously boring.

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