Yeasayer Release New Song, “Henrietta,” Via CDs Sent to Fans

05/16/2012 10:11 AM |


In a decidedly quaint move, Brooklyn’s Yeasayer send actual CDs to a group of fans on the band’s mailing list, containing a new song called “Wait for the Summer,” one of the few they’ve shared since 2010’s Odd Blood. This could easily be one of those cases where a band’s chosen method of delivering their music is more interesting than the music itself, but Yeasayer’s in fine form her. The song has made its way onto the internet, and it sees the band taking further steps away from their tripped-out folksier past and indulging their tripped-out dancier side, until halfway through, that is, when they dial things back and settle into a pleasantly blissed-out, echo-laden groove. They’re playing a handful of shows in late June, but there’s no New York date just yet, and no official word on an album either. Hopefully it’s coming, though, and hopefully it sounds like this. Listen to the song below.