Get Ready to Roll Your Eyes for All Seven Minutes and Forty Seconds of Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” Video

06/27/2012 11:09 AM |

Just one day after a totally stupid 4-minute “trailer” for Lana Del Rey’s A$AP Rocky-starring “National Anthem” video hit the internet, we have been graced with the completed product, a nearly 8-minute clip in which LDR does the Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” thing, but then also assumes the role of Jackie O while A$AP Rocky stands in as JFK. Yes, he gets shot at the end, and yes, there is an incredible amount of massive-lipped pouting, just as you would expect. “National Anthem,” it turns out, is still a horrible song for a number of reasons, chief among them the way she turns “ovation” into a six-syllable word.