New Music For Your Heat-Wave

06/22/2012 2:38 PM |

So, as anyone existing out there in the world can tell you, today is totally gross. The air has been doing that dance of sexual tension in between exhausting humidity and a violent thunderstorm. Aaaand…it just broke. This is not a day in which thought can (or should) be successfully provoked. Instead, it’s time for passive enjoyment of dreamy things that will wash over and into your sweet, sweat-and-rain-dappled little heads.

We’ve got a few:

Girl Crisis – “Dance Me to the End of Love”

– Girl Crisis, a Brooklyn-based ladies auxiliary club of notable Super 8 and pop covers enthusiasts that includes members of Chairlift, Class Actress, Au Revoir Simone, Acrylics, and others, has been meeting up to produce eerie, immaculate pop covers for a couple years now, recording them on hazy, heat-warped film reels. Their latest video, premiered today at Stereogum, is of Leonard Cohen’s 1985’s standout “Dance Me to the End of Love.” This thing looks and sounds like the first scene of an old Italian horror movie. Which is working for me at the minute on a very high level today.

Beirut – “Rip Tide”

– This video, for the title track of Zach Condon’s latest Beirut record, is total heat-wave bait, starting with calm ocean waters that make you want to jump right into your laptop screen. Oh, to be sailing! It gets more surreal and beautiful from there. Is the old seaman’s maxim “Skies that look like that thing where people put different dyes into water to make something look vaguely cosmic at morning: sailor’s warning”? Or is it the delight one?

– And finally, you can download this new EP from hip-hop obsessed Swedish pop producers jj from their record label Sincerely Yours. Blissed out, emotionally removed but humid pop is basically all these guys ever do, so it’ll go perfectly with the sweet relief of a cold one later on. With the world on full-bake right now, it’s tempting to think the EP’s title is a reference to the the apex of summer heat, but knowing their other work, it’s probably just about getting fully baked.

jj – “High Summer”

Given how often they like to appropriate lyrics (EP track “10” goes full “I Think We’re Alone Now” for a sec) and as goofy as they sound singing this, does anyone know where the first lyrics in this track are pulled from? Google is no help. “See me in your city, looking pretty, yeah I’m shining dog/ With my fresh Air Ones and my dog/ G is black and white, fuck segregation” cannot be an original Swedish kid lyric, right? I caught some Kanye later on, but I am too sluggish to figure this out right now. Medic!