Northside Art Starts Talking Tonight

06/15/2012 2:42 PM |


A partial element of juggernautal Northside Festival, Northside Art, a collaborative effort with Hyperallergic, will be getting officially underway in just a few hours. It’s a big art festival, and there is plenty going on, but it’s scheduled in a way that will allow you to enjoy almost all of it.

Namely, it’s divvied up into three festive chunks over the course of the weekend, with a bit of temporal overlap here and there. The first stage, a big group exhibition called Many Conversations, curated by Peter Gynd at Present Company (101 N. 13th), has its opening reception from 6-12pm tonight. 26 different artists will have work showcased there, and plenty of information about the other two facets of Northside Art—Williamsburg Walks, tomorrow, and Open Spaces on Sunday—will be available.

Okay, plenty is available here, too.

Anyway, head over to Many Conversations tonight.

Interlocute accordingly.

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