Northside Film Begins Tonight!

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06/18/2012 1:25 PM |

So, the Northside Festival, having taken over all of Williamsburg’s music venues this past weekend, will now colonize the Nitehawk, UnionDocs and indieScreen for four evenings of film screenings. Northside Film begins tonight with offerings from our DIY Film Competition and our many and varied curatorial partners.

Tonight: vampire softcore classic Fascination, with a live score! A double feature of Alex Ross Perry’s Pynchon-inpsired first feature Impolex, and Joe Swanberg’s new Teorema-in-Greenpoint riff The Zone! (Followed by a Q&A moderated by Mr. Perry, of the strangely magnetic negative charisma!) POV documentary Girl Model! To name but a few!

Later this week, we’re showing new stuff, old stuff and weird stuff—everything, that is, from the new Sarah Polley/Michelle Williams movie and the new Ai Weiwei documentary, to Lena Dunham’s Creative Nonfiction and Todd Solondz’s Welcome to the Dollhouse, to a bootleg Mean Streets re-edit and a one-man First Blood remake. We hope to see you up there.