St. Ann’s Warehouse Moving into Tobacco Warehouse After All

06/01/2012 8:58 AM |


In November 2010, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, with the National Park Service, announced that St. Anne’s Warehouse, the DUMBO theater on Water Street, would renovate and move into the crumbling Tobacco Warehouse, also on Water Street and a part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. But local activists cried foul and filed suit, arguing that public land should not be privately developed (and that the process by which the land was transferred did not follow the law); the plan fell apart when a federal judge struck it down.

But a new deal will allow the theater to move in after all, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

Under the new arrangement, which appears to follow all appropriate public processes, the city will donate more than an acre—or 38,000 square feet—of open space under the Manhattan Bridge in exchange for the land that includes the Tobacco Warehouse and neighboring Empire Stores, another erstwhile warehouse. The former will undergo a $15 million renovation over three years, during which time St. Ann’s will operate out of a space on Jay Street; the latter will become “a Chelsea Market-style shopping center.”

The plan still needs state approval, which the paper says is likely, given that two local state legislators who once opposed the plan support this new deal.

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One Comment

  • The City isn’t “donating” anything. The City is required BY LAW to give back the equivalent amount of land that will be taken out of the Park by removing the Tobacco Warehouse and the Empire Stores and making them into private entities. And if it weren’t for the Brooklyn Heights Association and the Fulton Ferry Landing Association who brought the lawsuits in the first place, the City could have pilfered both the Tobacco Warehouse and the Empire Stores without giving back any land to the park. It’s too bad that those great organizations aren’t even mentioned in this article.