The L Mag Questionnaire for Writer Types: Diane Williams

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06/08/2012 10:25 AM |


Diane Williams’s most recent book is Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty. She is the author of six previous books and the editor of the literary annual NOON. She will be appearing at the Franklin Park Reading Series this coming Monday, June 11, along with Patrick Somerville, Jennifer Miller and others.

For our readers who may not be familiar with your work, what’s the most accurate thing someone else has said about it?
I’ve been called a double-agent in the house of fiction.

What have you read/watched/listened to/looked at/ate recently that will permanently change our readers’ lives for the better?
NOON 2012!

Whose ghostwritten celebrity tell-all (or novel) would you sprint to the store to buy (along with a copy of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius so that the checkout clerk doesn’t look at you screwy)?
I’d rush out for a tell-all by any of the royals!

Have you ever been a Starving Artist, and did it make you brilliant, or just hungry?
I am a very good eater.

What would you characterize as an ideal interaction with a reader?
Of course! I am his!—I am her!—favorite writer.

Have you ever written anything that you’d like to take back?
Yes, including my answers to your questions number three and number four and number five.

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