101.9 FM Playing Rock n’ Roll Again

07/18/2012 11:58 AM |


101.9 FM is playing rock music again after a year-long foray into talk, Crains reports. WRXP, which I listened to during many a shift in the basement warehouse of a DVD store (and which, for FM radio, wasn’t that bad!), was bought last year by ousted Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels and changed to WEMP, the FM dial’s only all-news station. “The station never gained traction with listeners and was plagued by employee turnover,” Crains reports. “Its ratings remained a fraction of what WRXP’s once were.”

So now it’s New Rock 101.9, playing old rock like the Beastie Boys, whose “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” was the first song the new station played. I just turned it on and it was playing Coldplay. So, if you’re stuck in a warehouse somewhere in the NY area, now you know.

Longtime New Yorkers remember the station as CD 101.9, which played smooth jazz.

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