5 Tumblrs and Art Projects with Weed, Hot Girls, and Video Games!

07/24/2012 12:28 PM |

The next Cash Cats?

  • The next Cash Cats?

What will be the next Tumblr to see the glory of Internet fame? I spent the weekend searching for the next big thing so you can get a heads up on the net’s most promising time wasters. The following five Tumblrs share a lot of what I’ve come to expect from the site: weed, cats, hot girls, video games, and GIFs. As an added bonus, I’ve included an art world precedent for all these sites, showing that what makes a solid gold Tumblr also works for art. Now, go check out these sites out before everyone else knows about them!

1. Girls Smoking Weed on Tumblr


Richard Kern exhibited photographs of hot girls smoking weed at the NADA art fair earlier this year, evidence that this subject is more than proper to the art and internet worlds alike.