Attention Film and/or Gun Nerds: Bonnie and Clyde’s Guns Are Up For Auction

07/16/2012 4:53 PM |


In case you’ve been hankering for an un-usable vintage gun that costs more than a house, grad school tuition, or possibly both of those things combined, you’re in luck! The guns Bonnie and Clyde were carrying when they died in 1934 are going up for auction this fall in New Hampshire, and are expected to go for anywhere between $100,00 and $200,000 apiece.

In the words of L.J. Hinton, who runs Louisiana’s Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum, “Just hang on to your hat, because it will be a bidding war!” We believe the “Consarnit!” at the end of that sentence is implied, if not stated explicitly.

Bonnie’s .38-caliber revolver (found taped, awesomely, to her inner thigh) and Clyde’s .45-caliber pistol will be up for auction among other personal items, technically known as “murderabilia.”

So, if you can’t quite spring for the gun, there’s also the option of purchasing handwritten letters, Clyde’s gold pocket watch, or Bonnie’s makeup case. Originally owned by the Texas Ranger responsible for the ambush that killed the pair, the items are now being auctioned from the estate of Texas Collector Robert E. Davis.

Go ahead, blow your life savings treat yourself.

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