Breaking: Brooklyn Gets Beat in “Best Cities for Live Music” Ranking By…

07/20/2012 12:56 PM |


Portland. Portland, you guys. It keeps doing this to us, trying to steal Brooklyn’s thunder with its love for bird decor and the whole “where 20-somethings go to die” thing. The staff at Huffington Post is buying it, ranking Portland the best U.S. city for live music. Haven’t they read The New York Times lately? Brooklyn is having a moment! But, nay, we’re hanging out at number four behind silver medalist Austin and third place New Orleans, right before runner-up L.A. Don’t even get me started on L.A.

Granted, the piece describes our fair borough as “certainly the most consistently awesome place to see live music in the country,” so perhaps Huffpo’s staff momentary forgot the entire point of the article that they were writing and this whole thing is just a big misunderstanding. Still, our New York egos would like to be justified in the rankings given how many national bands opt for a tour stop in Brooklyn these days, even if it means passing up mighty Manhattan. As for the local scene, HuffPo calls out Glasslands and Union Hall as prime destinations to catch up-and-coming bands and makes mention of off-the-beaten-path locales like “kitchens in Bushwick.” How many bands play in your kitchens, Portland?