Bruce Springsteen Says He Was Once Suicidal

07/26/2012 2:16 PM |


In a new interview with The New Yorker, Bruce Springsteen reveals that he’s suffered from bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts throughout his career, and has been in therapy since 1982.

Can’t say that’s something we expected to hear.

“Look, you cannot underestimate the fine power of self-loathing in all of this,” Springsteen told David Remnick in the long, very worth reading profile. “You think, I don’t like anything I’m seeing, I don’t like anything I’m doing, but I need to change myself, I need to transform myself. I do not know a single artist who does not run on that fuel.”

Springsteen also said that his father suffered from depression (as does his wife) and that his fear of mental illness is the big reason he never got into drugs. “My parents’ struggles, it’s the subject of my life,” he said.

His biographer added that problems came to a head in 1982, when “he was feeling suicidal […] You are getting your ass kissed day and night. You might start to have some inner conflicts about your real self-worth.”

At the moment, though, our favorite, lovable ball of populist energy is still touring like a fiend and promoting a new album, so all seems well. Keep on truckin’, Boss!

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