Cheating Can Make You Feel So Guilty That You DIE

07/02/2012 10:52 AM |

For your health.

  • For your health.

Not a lot of people die during sex, but those that do are overwhelming men who have heart attacks while cheating on their partners. So basically, Ashley Madison is a murderer. But why? Divine justice? Too much excitement? No, it’s guilt.

Why do unfaithful men, especially, die doing what they love to do? “Extramarital sex may have its own hazards,” says Alessandra Fisher, the study’s lead author and an expert on sexual disorders at the University of Florence. “The lover might be much younger. Sex might be particularly athletic or follow excessive drinking or eating”.

Guilt may also play a role. The University of Florence team’s 2011 statistical analysis of health outcomes for almost 1,700 male patients showed that those involved in stable extramarital relationships had about twice the cardiovascular disease as other patients in the study, particularly if the man reported that his wife was still sexually interested in him. “Deceiving a sexually available and involved mate could lead to a deeper sense of guilt,” the researchers wrote. That type of psychological distress has been shown to up cardiovascular risk. [Scientific American]

That is some Tell-Tale Heart shit right there.