Delicious Schadenfreude: Reading the Tweets of Miserable Londoners as They Suffer Through the Olympics

07/30/2012 9:16 AM |

On another Earth in the multiverse, the people of London are enjoying a relaxingly drizzly summer while we jam ourselves onto overcrowded trains, bitch about stupid tourists, and watch our city spend millions on completely useless Olympic specialty gear while our important infrastructure continues crumbling slowly into dust. But ha! We live on this Earth. And thank sweet merciful Allah New York was not selected to endure hosting duties.

I know “that person who loudly hates the Olympics” is way more tiresome than “the person who is suddenly a gymnastics expert once every four years” and “the person normally critical of American foreign policy drunkenly chanting USA at a bar television,” so if watching the games is your thing, have at it. But lest you start to feel bummed that it could’ve been us on the teevee, enjoy reading these tweets of miserable Londoners, totally not keeping a stiff upper lip about how much hosting the Olympics sucks.

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