James Murphy Almost Wrote for Seinfeld, and Other Fun Facts

07/12/2012 2:32 PM |

LCD Soundsystem chief James Murphy appeared on Fallon last night — a vision in white, promoting Shut Up and Play the Hits, the documentary recapping the band’s final days, due to hit theaters for one night only next Wednesday. We learn in the segment that, among other early career hopes (dungeon master, architecture, etc.), writing was a big one for Murphy. Post-college, he was given the opportunity to write test scripts for “a sitcom based in New York” but never got around to it. He was very busy playing guitar alone in his apartment, you see, only finding out years later that the show was called Seinfeld. “To be fair, instead, I lived on an inflatable mattress in my office for two years.” Pay attention, kids! Other tidbits learned from the jack-of-all-trades Murphy: he and Adam Yauch were dear friends, juicing is the key to the fountain of youth, he once had a cat, he’s actually the coolest guy ever. Watch above.

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