Today in Science: Nerve Names the Year’s Sexiest Men and Women in Indie Rock

07/11/2012 1:11 PM |


Last week, sex-and-culture site Nerve unveiled very scientific, very objective lists of the sexiest men and women in indie rock who have an album released, or slated for release, this year. While ranking physical appearance is obviously silly and in a perfect world wouldn’t positively or negatively correlate to the way an artists’ music is perceived (someone should do a study on that, actually), I can’t help but click on a link that says “2012’s 10 Sexiest Men in Indie Rock.” (I’m also an avid watcher of The Bachelorette and go to grocery stores just to read People magazine, so, there you go. Shallow!) Point being, I thought you might also want to look at the pictures of all the pretty people and rant/rave that so-and-so did/didn’t make the cut. In conclusion, I’d like to applaud their inclusion of Ty Segall and wonder how they ever left off Sharon Van Etten. Now, you go.

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