Snoop Dogg’s Reggae Alias, Snoop Lion, Exists

07/23/2012 11:46 AM |


From this weekend’s “Things That Don’t Make Sense” news section, we learn that Snoop Dogg will be taking on the alter ego Snoop Lion to release a reggae album later this year. Submissions for weed jokes are gratefully being accepted here. The album, aptly titled Reincarnation, will be released via VICE, which actually makes some sense, with lead single “La La La” produced by class acts Diplo, Ariel Rechtshaid and Major Lazer. You can give it a listen below.

But there’s more. Snoop’s apparently taking the show on the road, giving his feline alias a proper live debut in Toronto on August 3, just a few days after playing Doggystyle in a headlining slot at Catalpa NYC on Sunday, which (perhaps conveniently) boasts a stage entirely devoted to reggae. Take note!

Guess what? His band is called “The Jungle.” Snoop Lion and the Jungle.

Snoop Lion gets deep: